Monday, August 15, 2016

Seattle Wedding Trends of 2016 and Beyond

While you definitely want your wedding to be unique and personal, you also probably want to make sure your event is on trend. The best way to make sure you are working to plan a fashionable event is to stay up to date on the latest Seattle wedding trends and see what décor and ideas you love and which just aren’t a great fit for you and your family. There are so many amazingwedding venues and vendors in the greater Seattle area that they you can count on your wedding crew to help you pull off an amazing and unforgettable event. So before you break out the mason jars and burlap, take a look at these wedding trends we’ve found to be a hit in 2016.

Bold Pops of Contemporary Color

Seattle wedding planner Maddy Ghosh from Little Wedding Blush tells us that “Although neutrals continue to be popular, more brides are opting for bold pops of colors especially with pinks and purples.”

Maddy is totally right. We’re seeing brides get pretty adventurous when it comes to breaking out of the traditional wedding color scheme. Neutrals will continue to be a staple in western style weddings, and many Hindu brides will always gravitate toward those gorgeous reds. But it’s become clear that color pallets with bright pops of color add some extra fun and energy to the event.

La Vie Boehm!

Maddy also said that brides are “having fun with the boho trend and using colorful drinkware such as colored vintage glasses in amber, green and blue, using patterned linens, mismatched vases with bright florals, and fun whimsical accents and accessories to tie in their palette”.

The bohemian style is super creative and leans on the interesting look created by mixing and matching different patterns, different textures, and styles. The best way to get the look is to find the décor you love, add some extra textiles, get adventurous with your floral arrangements, and voila! Your wedding has that bohemian-chic vibe that just can’t be beat. 

Creative Cakes

Another friend of ours, event and floral designer extraordinaire Rachel Bowes from Finch & Thistle Events, had this to share: “A trend I am seeing a lot of is the “naked” cake – without icing on the outside and decorated simply with icing sugar and flowers. It is a super pretty and simple style.

Maddy mentioned something similar, “Cakes have been the prettiest we've ever seen as they continue to be re-invented with gorgeous designs and patterns. Hand-painted florals, marble designs, sequins and confetti have been part of some of the most popular wedding cake designs, and I can't get enough of all the pretty creations that local bakeries and cake connoisseurs have been coming up with.” 

Amazing Appetizers

Are you bored with the buffet line? Turns out you wouldn’t be alone. Rachel Bowes also noted that “A lot of my clients are also choosing more unique catering options such as stand-up receptions with more of a cocktail feel and food stations over a buffet.”

We’ve seen brides get really excited about appetizer style Indian food like pani puri shots, chaat served in canapes, and even mini cocktail idli! What a fun and unique way to feed your guests for a memorable event. 

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