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Interview with Seattle Wedding Decorating and Planning Vendor 4Colorfusion

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Hello everyone! Today, we’re so happy to share with you an interview with one of Seattle’s premier South Asian wedding and event decorating vendors, 4Colorfusion. We had the chance to ask our friends at 4Colorfusion some great questions about the services Meera and her team provide. Read on to learn about what it takes to create an incredible wedding experience in the greater Seattle area.

First off, please describe the history of 4Colorfusion, your team, and the services you provide.
The original idea and vision of 4Colorfusion came from Ranjini.  She and Tahira have been involved with crafting and decorating for several years and helped out with community events and friends' celebrations.  Chitra and Meera have known Ranjini and worked with her on a number of these projects over the years. Ranjini and Tahira received very good feedback regarding their rangoli arrangements at the Seattle Art Museum's annual Diwali Ball and other events, which motivated them to launch 4Colorfusion with like minded friends.

Each member of the team brings different skills to the table, and we complement each other.  We have a collective background  in interior design, event coordination, and marketing. We provide décor, design and coordination/planning for weddings, arangetrams (Indian classical dance debuts), cultural ceremonies and other life celebrations.

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Why did you decide to start your business? What do you love about it? What are some challenges you experience?

Almost everyone has special occasions and milestones that they want to celebrate, but not everyone wants to or has the time to pull the details together themselves.  We love to plan, create and decorate, and help make the whole event look as beautiful as envisioned by the hosts.

We decided to come together to form 4Colorfusion as we saw an opportunity to service the rising South Asian population's event needs in the greater Seattle area. As a new business, spreading awareness and establishing our worth can be a challenge but we are well aware of it and working on reaching out to the community.
How is the wedding/event industry in Seattle different (for better or for worse) from other cities, in the US and around the world?

In regards to the South Asian community, the wedding industry is in its infancy relative to the East Coast or California. These areas have a much larger South Asian population and therefore a more developed cultural wedding industry.  That could be an advantage for us though, as we get to be at the forefront of a relatively untapped market and be a trendsetter here in Seattle.

In the Indian subcontinent most weddings tend to be huge, grand affairs while here in the Northwest they tend to be more intimate.

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What are some of your favorite projects that you have worked on in the area, and why?

Every one of our projects has been special but if I have to point one, it was a wedding reception that we worked on last spring.  The decor was inspired by elephants (groom's favorite animal) and the bride's outfit (red and gold) and her favorite color (blue).  We carried the theme throughout the event, from the table number holders to cushions at the lounge, to the flowers for the table centerpieces.  It was such a joy to see all the hard work come to fruition and above all, to see that our contribution made a difference and was much enjoyed and appreciated.
What advice would you give local brides planning their own weddings in Seattle?

Plan ahead - as early as you can.  If you're looking to hire a wedding planner, that should be your first step.  Unless you already have your venue set, your planner can be a good resource for finding venues according to your taste.  Take advantage of complimentary initial consultations.  If you have a set budget for your wedding, be willing to share with your planner.  We are able to work with a wide range of budgets and it's helpful for us to know what your budget is so that we can draw up a more accurate proposal and see how we can work within your budget.   If you choose not to hire a planner, get a day-of-coordinator on board to help you with the flow of events on your big day. It's a big help.

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What are some of your favorite decor themes? What do you expect to be a trend in 2016?

Our décor has a lot of ethnic touches.  We love using drapery and linens and flowers.  You'll continue to see oranges and magentas, reds and golds - warm colors in the coming year.  Indian weddings are full of color and we don't see that changing!  The influence of Bollywood will continue to prevail with henna parties, Bollywood-inspired music and dance parties as small events preceding the big day.
Which do you prefer, an indoor ceremony or outdoor ceremony, and why?
No strong preference - we are happy to do both!  A summer outdoor wedding in Seattle can be gorgeous with nature being part of the décor!  A traditional Indian wedding has a welcoming ceremony for the groom and his family - part of which is outdoors.

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What's special about the Seattle South Asian wedding scene?

It's a new and emerging market.  There is a sizeable number of second generation South Asians that are approaching their marriageable age.  The greater Seattle area is becoming increasingly diverse.

In Seattle as in other parts of the US, many South Asians like their weddings to be a blend of east and west.  The way they like to do it is to have a traditional wedding ceremony with most rituals at a place of worship and then a more modern reception with elements of the west like cake, DJ, etc.   Keeping the sacred traditional elements in mind but applying them to today and for the Seattle clientele is what makes it fun and challenging at the same time for us.

To learn more about 4Colorfusion, you can visit their website or check out their profile in our vendor guide.


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