Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Indian Wedding Trends - Metallic Henna

Wow, what a summer! I can hardly believe it's September already because we've been so, so busy! A great big thanks to all the photographers and couples who have submitted and shared their real weddings with us over the past few months!

Today, we're going to share another Indian wedding trend that we've noticed to be on the rise, particularly in the U.S. Bridal mehndi (or henna as many folks know it as) is a complete must for the full South Asian wedding experience. Luckily for Seattle, there is an abundance of amazing henna artists and vendors available for local weddings. There is nothing quite like a rich, dark henna stain to show the patience and beauty of a traditional bride.

But there's a new trend these days that I'm sure you'll have noticed. Colorful and metallic accents are a fun way to dress up your henna either for the wedding itself or even just for the mehndi party (while the stain dries fully). Flash tattoos, or metallic temporary tattoos, are increasingly available in some of the most beautiful mehndi style designs that I couldn't help but reach out to the folks over at Gold Nine Ink for a sample. They very graciously sent along some designs to try out.

Guys, I loved them! They're so convenient, easy to apply, easy to remove, and come in so many gorgeous designs. The shine they add is stunning. They are perfect to add gold accents to traditional mehndi that won't wash away the next day. The designs complement traditional henna designs very nicely as well.

I think for day to day wear, my favorite application was on my nails. The look is subtle but gorgeous at the same time. The tattoo applies nicely on dried polish. Just cover with a few layers of top coat and you are set.

But what I'm really looking forward to is festival season (coming up just around the corner you know!) I'm used to doing my own henna (simple designs of course) in preparation for Diwali and other holidays, and this year I can't wait to put a modern spin on things. I know I won't have to worry about applying the designs with a shaky hand or smudges, or waiting for the pattern to dry. And if I need to remove the pattern quick (for work or an upcoming client meeting for example), no problem because all I need is a little baby oil and my canvas is clean!

Thanks a million to the folks at Gold Nine Ink for letting me try out their wears! For more metallic henna inspiration check out our special board on Pinterest for ideas.

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