Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Autumn Wedding Decor Trends

Well folks, we have truly drifted into fall here in the greater Seattle area. After such a scorcher of a summer, I'm sure we're all ready for a little cooler weather around here. And while the majority of area weddings happen between May and September, the fall months offer a lot of great opportunities for couples getting married as well. Today we're sharing some of the best autumn wedding style and decor trends perfect to inspire your fall themed wedding.

If you're looking for a little more style than the basic pumpkins and maple leaves wedding decor, we've got you covered. Indian weddings in particular are great to hold in the fall. The bright colors blend in perfectly with equally bright color schemes. And the cooler weather makes wearing those heavy lehngas and silk saris that much more comfortable.  

Here are a few ideas for how to make your autumn wedding a stylish and modern celebration.


Vintage Decor

A classy way to incorporate a really autumnal, and slightly spooky feel to your event, without making the decor look anything else than glamorous, is to incorporate some gorgeous vintage decor into your style. Consider personalizing your venue with decorations based around vintage photography, antique furniture, retro china or glassware, old books or artwork. A little vintage decor goes a long way, particularly in a wedding type event where you want to really emphasize the future. But that being said, relying on the beauty and style of traditional decor can really make a fall wedding shine.


Gold Accents

Speaking of shine, you really can't go wrong with gold accents. They don't need to be big or attention grabbing, because gold has a subtle elegance that truly complements a fall event. Consider using it to accent table decor and place settings, as well as in jewelry and bridal attire. Surprise pops of gold are endlessly elegant and the perfect metallic for the cooler months.

Warm Color Pallets

Fall makes us think of orange pumpkins and red and yellow leaves falling to the ground. Those warm colors are the perfect inspiration for your wedding day color pallet. Indian weddings are traditionally filled with the beautiful bridal reds and celebratory yellows and oranges that are found in nature. Stick with the classics during this colorful time of year! Save the pastels for the spring time. Rusty reds and maroons looks completely perfect on a fall bride. Keep the decor equally warm toned and the whole feel of the event will be warm and perfectly traditional as the weather turns cold.


Lighting Accents and Displays

Since evenings are longer in the fall, this time of year is a great opportunity to experiment with alternative lighting like lanterns, small lights, or light displays. Twinkle lights or string lights are really popular right now, and they're an inexpensive and easy to find DIY lighting display. Perfect for a glamorous and emotional send off, consider wrapping string lights around the entry way of your venue for some unique and lovely photographs to commemorate your big day.

How do you like to decorate a fall event? 

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