Friday, March 27, 2015

What Are the Must Have Photos for an Indian Wedding?

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Photo by John Hope 

Happy Friday everyone! Rather than a simple round up, we've decided to mix it up a bit to help answer some questions you might have about planning an Indian wedding in the greater Seattle area (and beyond). 

One of the burning questions many brides have is how to make sure they get the best photos from their wedding, ones they'll be happy to decorate their homes with and reflect on for years to come. The best piece of advice I can give is to work closely with your photographers to make sure they are able to capture the moments that are most meaningful to you. 

Make a list of the shots you consider to be "must haves" and share that list with your vendors well ahead of time. Talk about the style and focus you want your photos to have. Make sure your photographer understands what you expect of them, because during the events themselves the last thing you want to worry about is whether your photographer is catching the important shots. Here is a simple list of the most important shots you should have your photographer(s) focus their efforts on. 

Pre-Wedding Events 
Parties like the Sangeet, Mehndi, Bridal Shower, Bachelor Party, etc.all deserve a little attention. These events are all equally important to photograph as the wedding ceremony and reception. You'll want fabulous photos to look back over for years to come.

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Getting Ready Shots
Photos of the venue, ceremony and reception decor, details, accessories, and unscripted moments before the big event add a layer of storytelling to your wedding photographs.

getting ready photos, best shots, wedding photography
Photo by Luma Weddings

The Ceremony
Of course you'll want photographs of the wedding ceremony itself. But think about specifically what parts are most meaningful to you and your family. Make sure your photographer knows what's most important to you.

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There are few opportunities in life to have your photo taken by a professional when you are looking your absolute best. You'll love these photos for years to come. Make time to have at least a few portraits taken. 

wedding portraits, wedding photography, best shots, indian wedding, south asian wedding
Photo by Andria Lindquist

Reception / Dancing
Photos of the celebration after the wedding ceremony is complete are always fun to look back over. Weddings can be so hectic and tiring that you'll probably remember very little of the after party. Let you photos be your memories, and make sure your photographer snaps a few good ones of friends and family after the ceremony.

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Of course every wedding, every couple, and every family is unique. What do you think are the most memorable, most important photos to capture in a wedding? What are your favorites to look back on to remember your special day? 

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