Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tips for Attending a Bridal Show - Seattle Indian Wedding Expo

Planning a wedding this year? You just might want to swing by the Indian Wedding Expo at the Seattle Airport and Conference Center Hilton this coming Sunday. The event is hosted by the Hilton in collaboration with Nalini's Flowers and Masala of India Cuisine. Parking and admission are complementary.

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Wedding shows like this are fun to attend if you are not easily overwhelmed. They offer the chance to meet local vendors and learn about the latest trends in wedding style and fashion. This sounds like a great event because the style is geared toward Indian weddings, which as we all know have many different customs and decor needs from western weddings.

Here are a few tips to get the most out of attending an event like the Seattle Indian Wedding Expo.

First of all, timing is important. If you are only weeks away from your own wedding, attending a bridal show likely won't be as helpful as attending one earlier in the planning process (unless you go simply for the sake of getting excited about your own event, which is totally understandable). Attend an event like this as early in the planning process as possible, before you have your wedding vendors
selected and under contract. This is your chance to meet local pros who can help you put on the wedding of your dreams.

My second tip is to go prepared. Bring a note pad (or a tablet), comfortable shoes, and a water bottle. These events can be tiring, so take your time. Remember that you don't need to get everything figured out all in one day.

Lastly, have fun. You want to come away from a show like this excited and inspired. Don't let wedding planning stress get the better of you. Take a reliable friend or two, and make a day out of it. Enjoy this time. Soon, you'll be married and looking back on planning your wedding with total nostalgia. Have fun with it!

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