Thursday, January 29, 2015

Inspired Valentine's Day Cards and Gifts

Guess what? It's almost Valentine's Day! Not super excited? Well you should be, and here's why. Valentine's Day, it's true, can feel like a relationship obligation for many couples, but that's just because it can be tricky to make the holiday feel spontaneous and celebratory rather than another excuse to demand gifts. My advice is to remember who you are celebrating. Be creative in how you show your appreciation for your loved ones.

If you need a little inspiration, and honestly who doesn't, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Go Old School

Possibly my favorite Valentine's Day memories are based around exchanging cards with classmates when we were young, before romance made things complicated.  Pick a sweet valentine like the kind we used to exchange with our friends in school for a simple, yet meaningful Valentine's Day gift. I love these cute cards from the clever designers over at Minted.

Mac and Cheese Classroom Valentine's Day Cards

Tons Of Love Classroom Valentine's Day Cards

Classic Classroom Valentine's Day Cards

Make It Personal

Anyone can run to the local grocery store to grab whatever Valentine's Day card is left on the shelf. But it shows real heart to customize something more personal. Online printers like Minted make the process simple and create some stunning cards that are way more special than any mass produced card. They incorporate real photos into the design for gorgeous results. I especially love the look of the foil press designs. 

Love + Heart Foil-Pressed Valentine's Day Cards

Chocolate Pieces Foil-Pressed Valentine's Day Cards

Luxe Heart Foil-Pressed Valentine's Day Cards

Make a Statement

Don't limit yourself to cards and chocolates (though those are obviously well received). A pretty piece of artwork will last for years and will bring a smile every time it's looked at. These are a few of my favorites from the Minted website. Aren't they just gorgeous?

 You Lead Me Home Valentine's Print Emily Bronte Quote
 Watercolor heart photo print LOVE print

How are you planning to celebrate this Valentine's Day?

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, meaning that if you click a link then end up purchasing something from the vendor I'll receive a small percentage as commission. While I am being (potentially) compensated for posting these links, I only work with vendors I truly think are relevant and helpful to your wedding planning process. And of course, all words and opinions are genuine and my own.

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